Avantes, a member of the Nynomic Group, is a leader in the field of fiber optic spectroscopy offering a range of spectrometers, light sources, and fiber optics to support measurements in the range from 170-2500 nm. With an installed base of over 53,000 systems throughout the world and nearly 30 years of experience in fiber optic spectroscopy, Avantes is equipped to meet the challenges presented by applications facing our customers.

Avantes is a leading company in the field of fiber optic spectroscopy offering a full line of spectrometers, fiber optics, light sources and sample interface accessories. Avantes works with research and industrial customers as well as OEMs seeking to embed spectroscopic technologies in their products and services.  Avantes has been in business for 30 years providing spectroscopy solutions to a multitude of industries including semiconductor, life science, glass/coating, aerospace, automotive and many more.


Damon Lenski
General Manager

Kurt Ameku
Application Engineer

Katrina Dunbar
Marketing Specialist

Jason Peoples
Regional Sales Manager

Nathan Robey
Sales Application Engineer

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